Companywide Training to Support your Food Safety Initiatives

On-demand, consistent food safety training

With Safe Food Solutions’ GMP eStart™, food manufacturing and processing employees learn the scientific principles behind food safety and sanitation practices. They are instructed in on-the-job practical and effective methods that keep food products safe. Our online course is user friendly and easily implemented across an organization.

Our accompanying feature-rich Learning Management System gives managers and administrators unprecedented control over the employee learning. Consolidated reporting allows for employees to be grouped by location, job function, proficiency or identity.

The flexible, on-demand online delivery allows for training to occur when and where you need it. At a cost that is significantly less than competitive offerings, GMP eStart™ provides company-wide compliance with the tools to seamlessly manage your training efforts.

Safe Food Solutions offers its online food safety training to food manufacturing and processing clients at a cost of $59/student. With purchase of 100+ students, a client will receive a private-branded online portal at a site-specific URL that is customized with the operation's location-specific information. This pricing also includes hosting of the custom training portal, unlimited technical support and all program updates.


How it works

1. Purchase

Click here to contact our sales team. Your account will ready-to-use within one business day.

2. Train

Educate all of the employees at your location in food safety and sanitation practices. Accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, GMP eStart™ is an education solution available whenever your employees need to train.

3. Assess

GMP eStart™ concludes with a 30-question, multiple choice quiz. The Student can print a Certificate of Achievement at the time of quiz completion and their quiz score and time spent are immediately available to their Supervisor/Training Administrator.

4. Manage

GMP eStart™ comes complete with a feature-rich Learning Management System, which allows you to manage all training activity, track progress and view results 24/7.


Program features

GMP eStart™ runs 4-5 hours (approximately 60 minutes per lesson) with an additional 30 minutes for the final evaluation. The course is written on an 8th grade reading level with an interactive glossary and full audio narration. Video sequences, flash animation, high resolution photography and interactive questioning are included throughout to highlight concepts and connect content to the employee’s direct work experience. A built-in Bookmarking feature allows for the Learner to complete the course in multiple sessions, bookmarking the last page they viewed and returning to it during their next session. The final evaluation is a 30-question assessment and provides a printable, customized Certification of Completion upon successful passage.

  • Uses multiple learning modalities including interactive questioning, high-resolution photographs, animations and video sequences

  • Contains interactive glossary of food safety-related terms for reinforcement of key concepts

  • Overviews of case studies & videos related to recent critical incidents

  • Constructed for the individual learner, the program’s pace and remediation are based on the trainee’s needs

  • Concludes with a 30-question randomized, graded assessment

  • Issues a personalized, printable Certificate of Achievement

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Basic Food Safety eStart ™ instructs each learner on the critical issues of safe food handling & preparation, while allowing the operator to cost effectively and efficiently utilize online learning to educate a rotating staff.

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