Basic Food Safety eStart™

Course Overview

Basic Food Safety eStart™ introduces the learner to critical issues of safe food handling & preparation, equipping them with all the practical skills and knowledge required to be a part of the food flow process.


Lesson 1: Foodborne Illness

Examines the extent and causes of foodborne illness, the names of the most common contaminants and the leading sources of problems.


Lesson 2: Personal Hygiene & Handwashing

Teaches personal cleanliness, the steps to proper handwashing procedures, health issues and glove use.


Lesson 3: Time & temperature and The food flow process

This lesson uses video and high resolution photographs to explores the importance of time and temperature, as well as offers a thorough examination of the food flow process, from farm to table.


Lesson 4: Contamination & Sanitation

This lesson looks at proper food handling and preparation procedures, how contaminants move and grow, and explores various sanitation issues.


LMS features

Basic Food Safety eStart™is delivered through a robust Learning Management System that provides for 24/7 record management and data storage of food safety training information.

  • Allows for the streamlined networking of locations across an entire organization/district

  • Provides for seamless, real-time tracking of employee progress by your Dining Managers/Training Administrators

  • Generate reports with aggregated training information (for use with inspections, audits and QA assessments)

  • Download, save and print training information- (by employee, location, store or company) to any standard spreadsheet program




Safe Food Solutions has contributed to leading industry-related publications and online resources to further educate our industry counterparts on the general guidelines of food safety and learning and educational options for foodservice operators.

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The online delivery and flat rate pricing of Basic Food Safety eStart ™ is ideal for foodservice operations seeking to provide affordable, consistent, on-demand food safety education to all of their employees.

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